Shoppers’ Critique offers the utmost client experience from customized report forms to pre-built, personalized reporting. Shoppers’ Critique starts with the client’s needs in mind and builds an individualized report form based on the specific needs of the client and drawing on 40+ years of industry experience. Our team of professionals then schedules the shops to trained mystery shoppers all across the country. Shop reports are formatted so that shoppers can identify the key points that are important for each individualized program. Once the reports come back in house, a team of editors and project managers edit the reports before sending them back out to the client as a finished product. Shop processing takes no more than 72 hours to give the client a quick turnaround so that they can move into the actionable results stage. SCI provides client feedback as needed to help clients get the most out of their program. Our custom reporting site gives clients access to dynamic reports and graphs which provide a snapshot of the program at any given time. Most importantly, SCI provides a full service staff of hands-on professionals that are available for all client needs. Each client is assigned a trained project manager to handle their account. It is the job of the project manager to know the program inside and out and be prepared to give advice for more actionable results. Below is a breakdown of what sets us apart from our competition:

Implementation/Client Action Steps/Data Ownership

  • Efficient and timely implementation of custom built programs specifically designed based on client needs (not a one shop fits all methodology)
  • Our clients are encouraged to be involved in creating the shop form and customized guidelines
  • Extremely secure data servers hosted and firewall / security protection in place to protect the integrity of client data
  • One-on-one dedicated project managers to handle all client communication and maintain a single point of contact for any changes or needs that arise over the course of the program


  • Unlike most mystery shopping companies, we have an in-house scheduling team and do not outsource shopper recruitment
  • Our scheduling team reaches out to each shopper by phone and is available to the shopper if they have any problems, reflecting in better results
  • Customer reports are built by the Project Managers to quickly help identify key performance indicators targeted by the client
  • Clients have access to our flexible and highly customizable reporting website

Quality Standards

  • We provide consistent reporting standards and a team of editors who review shop reports for grammar and consistency
  • A second level of checks and balances is put in place to review final reports before they are published and made available to the client for access on the web or download
  • We don’t use duplicitous methods to reel in clients that would best be served elsewhere

Differentiating Factors

  • The level of individual attention and flexibility with our proprietary system is well beyond that of any of our competitors. Many mystery shopping companies these days rely upon mystery shop programs that that are built around pre-conceived ideas about what a shop for any given industry should entail. Here at SCI, we truly deliver consistently upon our ability to create a unique and individual experience for each and every one of our clients. From inception to final production and delivery, a dedicated project manager is assigned to each client to guide them through the process of creating their program, extrapolating the data they are looking to collect and delivering it in a visually appealing, concise and easy to follow method
  • We take this same approach to our mystery shoppers themselves, contacting them by phone and making sure they clearly understand the scope of the mystery shop. We have a database of several hundred thousand mystery shoppers who work closely with our scheduling department, editors and project managers to deliver the final result to the client

Custom Programs/Adaptability

  • All programs are custom and built to meet client needs
  • Our extensive history in the industry allow us to make informed recommendations about situations and questions that might otherwise escape others
  • Our attention to detail and industry knowledge over the past 40+ years provides our clients with valuable insight into program design that will provide the client with actionable items and a return on their investment


  • ShopMAX is our proprietary system that was made with our clients in mind
  • Steadily evolving so we can provide what each client needs and cuts out the extraneous details so they can get the big picture and see what issues they need to address.