The use of Internet Mystery Shopping Services is a great way to analyze and optimize the functioning and inner-workings of a company or business that primarily relies on services and products that are purchased online. Though most of our mystery shopping services are conducted in person, we offer in-depth internet mystery shopping services that provide comprehensive data just like the in-store services we offer.

Internet shops can measure a variety of components of online businesses. Shoppers’ Critique International focuses the data collection and analysis of online shops on customer impressions, the accessibility and ease of the store website, the trend of product sales, and the processes of the product getting to the customer from order placement to the final step of product delivery.

One of our most beneficial online shopping services incorporates our sophisticated proprietary software that allows us to monitor the quality of customer service responses and the turnaround time involved. This software accurately takes into account the time zone of your company and that of customers in order to accurately track the date and time of a customer request as well as the date and time of an employee’s response.

Additionally, we use screen captures to collect information about the quality and content of customer service responses. Our goal is to help you understand how to provide timely and effective responses to customers.The data collection on product information requests or customer service inquiries is typically measured via website. Most often, this shopping service is conducted using the “Contact Us” button that customers use when contacting an online business. The use of internet mystery shopping services allows our clients to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a given retail website in order to optimize visibility,increase sales, and streamline their customer service process.

Though this service is great for any internet business, we especially recommend our internet shop services to companies that rely heavily on monetizing internet queries, such as automotive dealerships, online retail companies, and multi-family housing such as apartments and townhouses.

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