What’s the best part about our mystery shopping programs? They are based in reality.

Shoppers’ Critique International, a division of Reality Based Group, has the tools and experience needed to take the stress out of analyzing your business. We can take a look at how smoothly your business is running and identify potential areas of improvement. Our main goal is providing our clients with the information they need, so they can optimize their business, expand customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

As a premier mystery shopping company, we have a handful of useful tools that can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Shoppers’ Critique International has been a leading mystery shopping company for over forty years. Our success is cemented in the fact that our primary goal is ensuring you are representing the best your business can be at all times.


Video Mystery Shopping


Written Mystery Shopping


Phone Mystery Shopping


Online Mystery Shopping

Shoppers’ Critique International Program Features

24/7 Access

Data is only as valuable as your ability to access it. View your evaluations, surveys, videos and reports at any time from any internet- connected device in the world.

Real-Time Notifications

Stale data is just as damaging to your customer experience program as inaccurate data. You need to access it as soon as it’s available. Our system notifies you via email the moment a delivered evaluation or customer survey is received. These real-time notifications can be tiered based on job function, subdivision, score threshold or any other criteria you set.

Tiered Access

With Tiered Access, you can rest assured that your information is kept on a need-to-know basis. Access is provided only to those individuals your selected representative designates, with access restrictions available. Don’t want a store manager getting into the weeds of doing enterprise- wide trending and forecasting? You can restrict each individual’s login to only that information which pertains directly to their job function.

Question Versioning by Location

Do you have locations that have different amenities or service programs from the rest? Implement Question Versioning to allow questions pertaining to those select amenities, to be visible only to mystery shoppers auditing those locations which have them.

Customized Reporting

From the macro to the micro, from location-based to survey-based, your analytics can be custom-delivered to you in virtually any way you want. Any new Shoppers’ Critique International reporting developments are delivered live to you at no additional charge, and custom development is always available.