What is ShopMAX®?

ShopMAX® is our proprietary reporting system and approach to getting the best results from your mystery shopping investment. Since your business is unique, you will require a unique approach, and our entire process is customized from beginning to end. ShopMAX® contains a complimentary suite of unique tools, including your very own customized reporting dashboard for easy access to real time data; each providing insights that enable all levels of management to maximize the impact of your mystery shopping service assessments, and ultimately take your business to the next level. These and other action-oriented tools make our ShopMAX® process a best practices model for the industry and a way for you to get results!

Our Sample Reports

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Your Project is Entirely Customized


We work with you to understand, assess, and recommend custom solutions to fulfill your needs.

Information at Your Fingertips

With a login to your own portal available from your desktop or mobile device, you can view all of your project data anytime. The data reported through the ShopMAX® system provides critical statistics that will help you to gain better insight to how you are performing company wide. The real-time reporting available never leaves you in the dark.

Customized Just For You

Through our many years of experience, we have provided services to a wide variety of clients. This valuable experience has given us the insight to better create your plan, because regardless of industry, every single business is unique and requires a unique approach. Let your missions and goals become a reality.

Reports For All Levels

Businesses are never simple; there are different levels of people within the company. Depending on your plan, you may want each of your levels to be able to have their own reporting structure. We will customize your plan so that data is available to those who need it. The power of these reports can transform your business at all levels.

The 4 Pillars of Our Reporting


ShopMAX® is a fully customized system that shows the result’s of your project. Here are the four parts to our reporting.


Proprietary System
Real-Time Results
Summary Reports
Graphing & Trending
Admin Control


Custom Brand Dashboard
Shop Notifications
Hot Topic Alerts
Customized Set-Up


Monitor/Manage Use Login
Export & Share
Company Objectives


Online Forum
Shop Review Tracking
Share Posts & Comments
Recognition & Coaching