Shoppers’ Critique International delivers for the Florida Attractions Association. The Florida Attractions Association depends on Shoppers’ Critique International to provide professional, unbiased reviews of our Member Attractions ensuring compliance with an industry Code of Practices resulting in guests enjoying the very best of what Florida Attractions have to offer.” – Bill Lupfer – President & CEO Florida Attractions Association

At Shoppers’ Critique International, we have an extensive history helping out various industries of business. In our time, we’ve found that attractions and theme parks have some of the hardest expectations to live up to in all industries. From the excitement level, to the attentiveness of the park employees, a visitor to your theme park is looking at all aspects of the park and/or attraction to determine whether they will want to come back again, or even suggest to their family and friends to do the same.

The moment that the client steps up to the ticket window to pick up or order their tickets, the guest experience has begun. Is the staff behind the window capable of answering any questions the attendee may have? And are they being as positive and friendly as possible? As with most things, the first impression means a great deal, and this point of contact is exactly that. After all, an attraction visitor is looking for a pleasant day all around, and if there’s any negativity to be had, it can turn an otherwise amazing park visit into a dour experience.

Shoppers’ Critique International brings in some of the best shoppers to analyze your attraction. They do so by maintaining anonymity and an un-biased approach. Once they’ve collected the data that you are looking for, they are able to post it into our ShopMAX system for you to see and peruse. The data should inform you of any concerns the shopper may have had while visiting your park. The customer perspective is the most important aspect to keeping a park running smoothly and efficiently.

Unique Challenge

Theme parks and attractions have a particular problem that doesn’t really exist in any other industry. Through our customer intelligence gathering, and other mystery shops, we’ve found that what customers look out for includes factors that would exist in other industries:

•    Merchandise
•    Food and Beverage
•    Entertainment
•    Phone and Internet Sales Experiences

In this one industry, customers are faced with the retail, restaurant, entertainment, and sales industries. This is what makes shopping theme parks so worthwhile, because a customer has many aspects that they can look at. Once you’ve determined what element you want to focus on for your shop, we send in our shoppers to analyze exactly what you need. We’ve also found that online surveys and customer intercepts tend to work very well at theme parks, especially after a long day of having fun!

Benefit from our nearly four decades of experience by requesting a consultation today. We will help you develop a customized plan to address the needs you know you have, and the ones you didn’t even know existed.

We recommend the following services for those looking to improve in the attraction industry:

• On-Site Mystery Shops
•    On-Site Audio Shops
•    On-Site Video Shops
• Phone Shops (Recorded or Non-Recorded)
• Internet Shops
•    Competitor Shops
•    Neuro-Economic Profiling
•    Web Surveys of Prospects
•    Employee Climate Surveys
•    Focus Groups
•    Social Media Monitoring