“Fifty locations spanning three states were shopped within a 30 day window. The quality of the shops was consistent and discrepancies were virtually nonexistent. Shoppers’ Critique helped us design a shop that was more objective and meaningful than our previously in-house version and then they implemented the process flawlessly and reported results in a consistent and un- debatable manner. Round one is in and I’ve been very impressed with the results. We know exactly what we need to do to move forward on our quest for “Extraordinary Service”.” – Bill Blankenship – Miller Paint

As with most industries, the retail industry thrives on sales associate and customer interaction. If a customer comes into the establishment with a particular question, and the sales associate is unable to accurately answer them, then that can speak volumes about the entire business, even if it’s only one representative! Having a knowledgeable and helpful group of employees makes the customer’s life easier.

Even if you have the greatest product, and customers know that you do, it can all be undone by a poor customer service reputation. Don’t give shoppers a reason to go elsewhere, especially when this is an issue that you can actually control. From the moment they walk into the door, to the moment they leave, your customers are evaluating the customer service experience. Some of the questions that we’ve gotten from retail owners are:

•    Were customers greeted when they walked in the door?
•    Did our customers get assistance in finding what they needed?
•    Was our staff capable of explaining the details of our product?
•    Throughout the entire visit, did the customer feel welcomed?

Having these concerns is incredibly common in the retail industry, but are efforts being taken to ensure that they are properly answered? At Shoppers’ Critique International, we provide retailers with our mystery shopping programs, whether on-site or over the internet or phone. The advantage of these services is that a business can be evaluated by an anonymous and un-biased customer, and that data will reflect whatever question you have. So if you want to know what areas your business is lacking in, then the data collected throughout the process can tell you just what they think.

Other Helpful Services

Perhaps even more advantageous than the general data collection, is finding out how your customers feel about your business. Through the Neuro-Economic Profiling service, you will be able to find out just that. From the brand, to the experience, there are countless areas where a client can feel emotions about your business. Knowing just what they feel in particular moments allows you to capitalize on that emotion and use it to grow your business to an even greater height.

Are you a retail store that is trying out a new product? Do you want to know the impression that this product will send? You need look no further than our focus group offerings. By hand-picking a group of individuals, whether from various walks of life or a specific group, your product can be analyzed to determine whether it’s worth pursuing or if changes need to be made. Our focus groups at Shoppers’ Critique International have helped numerous retailers come up with a good plan of action when distributing a new product. Knowing the steps before you start is incredibly valuable, and not something many retailers get the option of.

Customer Intelligence

By investing in customer intelligence data, you’ll be a part of the best and brightest in the retail industry. Using the data to tweak brand positioning, customer service platforms, or in-unit operational procedures to maximize customer experience leads to a greater brand loyalty, positive word of mouth, and ultimately a better sales performance. Our shoppers are highly skilled at getting the data needed to bring you these results, and you will be thanking us for revealing to you the answers to questions you may have.

Benefit from our years of experience by sitting with us to create a game plan that fits your goals, and you’ll be full of new and important data that should help your business grow beyond your wildest dreams.

We recommend the following services for those looking to improve in the retail industry:
• On-Site Mystery Shops
•    On-Site Audio Shops
•    On-Site Video Shops
• Phone Shops (Recorded or Non-Recorded)
• Internet Shops
•    Competitor Shops
•    Neuro-Economic Profiling
•    Web Surveys of Prospects
•    Employee Climate Surveys
•    Focus Groups
•    Social Media Monitoring