“We’re extremely happy that we switched our mystery shop program to Shoppers’ Critique. We were looking to upgrade to a program that was more automated and easier to use, and SCI has exceeded our expectations. Overall the transition has been well received by all levels of field management.” – K. McNamara – Friendly’s

Whether you provide customers with a casual dining experience, or the finest fare in your entire city, the goal is still the same: high quality customer service. Even if you provide patrons with the greatest food they’ve ever had, if they have a bad experience in your establishment, then it will leave them with a sour taste.

Word of mouth is perhaps the most damaging part of the restaurant industry, as research has shown that dissatisfied customers will tell 9-10 people of a bad experience, which will then flower into over 20 of their friends and family. Meanwhile a great experience sees numbers far less, and while still beneficial, it just shows the power of a negative experience. Customers want their hot food hot, and their cold food cold; regardless if you represent a fast food establishment or a five star restaurant, these rules still apply.

For over 40 years, Shoppers’ Critique International has provided the restaurant industry with timely customer intelligence. Some of America’s best brands have utilized our services, and found exactly what they needed to in order to improve business. The most important aspects to any successful restaurant is the ability to maintain brand standards, and investing in your customers to give them the best experiences possible when they visit your establishments. Through our customer intelligence data, you’ll know just what the average customer thinks about your business.

Business Owner Questions

Throughout our time as a mystery shopping company, we’ve gotten a handful of questions from the restaurant industry that we want to share with you:

•    Are we creating a welcoming and friendly environment?
•    Do we highlight the menu selections and front of house experiences that distinguish our brand?
•    What about us creates brand loyalty and repeat business?
•    How do our customers feel about our brand overall?
•    What adjustments can be made to give better results?
•    How do we compare to our competitors?
•    What negative perceptions are there of us and how can we fix them?

Using our mystery shopping service, you can take any one of these questions and make it the focus of the shop. With an anonymous and un-biased customer in your establishment, they will focus on the question that you have posed, and return data to you as to whether or not you’re reaching the appropriate goal. If you’re not, then the data will tell you the best possible way to achieve your goals.