At Shoppers’ Critique International, we have over 40+ years of experience in improving various industries and businesses. When dealing in each industry, similar approaches can be taken, but there’s ultimately a unique goal for each one. Upon consulting with us, the goals and aims of the shop are set up so that when our shoppers visit your business they are more than capable of bringing you the data that you need to assess. Some of the other industries we serve are:

Regardless of which industry your business falls under, we still have our suite of services available to you. Countless businesses across all industries have seen marked improvements due to our mystery shopping programs.

On-Site and Internet/Phone Mystery Shops

Customer service is paramount to a business’ success, and from the moment that a customer steps foot in your establishment, they are rating you. Our mystery shoppers take this same approach to analyzing your business, but they do so anonymously and without bias. Their entire process is to gather data on the appearance of the storefront, the manner in which they are treated, and generally anything else that may be important to the function of your business. Using this data, business owners can improve on any areas that are deemed to be less than optimal.

In addition to our on-site shops, we offer internet or phone shops for businesses that do a great majority of their business without physically meeting the customer. In the case that your business requires a phone call before the eventual close in person, these tools are invaluable to determining whether your sales staff is accurately and optimally representing your business. Treatment of customers on the internet or over the phone needs to be prompt and friendly, and a missed call or comment online can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

Retention of clients is the goal of most businesses, not just for the ability to continue selling, but because a returning client means a happy one. Happiness then turns those repeat visitors into a strong referral base, and therefore new business.

Other Services

Depending on the industry that your business represents, there are a few other tools that we have at our disposal for you. One of the unique opportunities you have with Shoppers’ Critique International is the Neuro-Economic Profiling. While shops can provide you with face-value data that is useful, it doesn’t speak to the emotions and thoughts of the customer in regards to whatever issue you’re focusing on with our shop. The Neuro-Economic Profiling gives you what the customer feels, and allows you to take an entirely different approach.

Focus groups and customer intercepts provide the opportunity for you to get feedback on a specific aspect of your business, whether by an individual or a group of people from various walks of life. The data collected in these instances can be tailored to a part of your business, a product that you wish to unveil, or your brand in general. Knowing what customers think before you begin a new endeavor can mean the difference between a great product and something that is met with contention.

Outside of these, we do offer more traditional web surveys and phone surveys. Perhaps the most important other service that we do have is our ability to shop your competitors. By knowing what they are doing, you may be able to capitalize on either their weakness, or develop your own strength to beat them.

You can benefit from Shoppers’ Critique International’s 40+ years of experience by contacting us and seeing how we can consult with you on the best route to improving your business. What you choose to focus on will be the aim of our work for you, but we may also find something that you aren’t even aware needs working on.