There is an amazing amount of pressure on OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the automotive industry to move inventory through distribution chains. Equally as important is the need for each dealership to capitalize on every single sales opportunity that is presented, whether it’s in-person, over the phone, or on the internet. The performance of your sales force is perhaps the most important part of your entire industry, and making sure that they are working their hardest to close a deal could mean the difference behind a good month and one that you’d like to have back. Shoppers’ Critique International has a method of tracking the performance of your sales force, and it’s directly tied to our mystery shopping programs.

Whether it’s on-site or over the internet or phone, the importance of your sales tactics is paramount. We offer the ability to have an anonymous observer, one that is un-biased, come into your establishment with the mind that they are collecting data on your sales tactics. If there are ever any questions in your mind about how your business performs, all you need to do is make that the priority when putting together your plan.

With over 40 years of experience gathering customer intelligence for the automotive industry, we have put together a short list of some of the key issues that are most often sought out by our best automotive industry clients:

•    Does the sales force follow training and protocol?
•    Is there a welcoming and friendly sales environment?
•    Why do our online customers “push the button”?
•    What potential sales are falling through the cracks?
•    Is our sales staff knowledgeable?
•    Are third party leads effective in my sales process?
•    How do customers and potentials feel about our brand?
•    What can we adjust to get better results?
•    Are we responding promptly to internet and phone leads?
•    What is our reputation online?
•    How do we stack up to the competition?
•    What do customers perceive negatively about us?
•    Is collateral being used and displayed properly?
•    What is the performance of each of our locations?
•    Can we do anything differently on our website to capture more sales?
•    What percentage of leads are Hunters, Fishers, or Tire-Kickers?
•    and many others!

Whether you’re starting out, or have an established automotive dealer, these are all questions that you’ve likely asked yourself. Through our mystery shopping services, these questions can be directly assessed, and you’ll find out the answer in a very thorough and detailed manner. Data collection and analysis is one of the cornerstones of our mystery shopping program, and the customer service experience is guaranteed to be accurately represented in the reports.

In addition to our mystery shops, we also offer our automotive clients the option of doing focus groups for sales behavior purposes. Neuro-Economic profiling is another service that is provided, and it allows you to not only see the standard data that comes with a customer service experience, but it also tells you how the customer feels about their experience. Web surveys and social media monitoring are our online options that can truly dig into the sales tactics and determine whether they are effective or not. Do you have questions that come into your company through online sources? Answering them promptly and honestly is one of, if not becoming the most important methods of dealing with customers. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that your online presence is as great as it can possibly be.

Benefit from our vast wealth of experience in the automotive industry by requesting a consultation today. We will sit with you and create a customized plan that will address the needs and concerns that you have, and perhaps some that you didn’t even know existed. We can improve your sales environment to drive profits and deepen customer loyalty, from the Z-MOT (zero moment of truth) through closure.
We recommend the following services for those looking to improve in the automotive industry:

• On-Site Mystery Shops
•    On-Site Audio Shops
•    On-Site Video Shops
•    Phone Shops (Recorded or Non-Recorded)
•    Internet Shops
•    Competitor Shops
•    Neuro-Economic Profiling
•    Web Surveys of Prospects
•    Employee Climate Surveys
•    Focus Groups
•    Social Media Monitoring