“Shoppers’ Critique saves our company time and money. They respond to any needs we have very promptly.” – Karen Buckenberger – Oakwood Management Company

As with most industries, the first impression is the most important one. The moment a prospective resident walks onto the property, they are assessing everything that they can. Your employees need to be at their best:

•    Know the details of the community
•    Know the variations of the models
•    Follow all sales protocols to convert

If your sales representatives follow these three points, they can be more confident in their ability to close that prospective resident into the next one. Clients always have questions, and knowing the answers to them gives you a leg up on the competition; which is why it’s important to know everything there is to know about the community and the various homes that reside there. From the initial phone call to the walkabout tour, your best chance at closing the deal requires that your employees are at the top of their game!

Shoppers’ Critique International has been providing high-quality, reliable and timely customer intelligence to America’s top brands for over 40 years. Throughout this time, we’ve gotten various questions from some of the leading apartment and multi-family housing community management teams. All of them center on the same core idea. Customer service.

With thousands of available multi-family units in play at any given time, we understand how competitive the market can be, and the challenges your management team faces in maximizing occupancy rates. We also know that most often, the degree of success in this area is a factor of how successful your sales representatives are in conveying the value and benefits of your properties to apartment-seeking prospects. Word of mouth spread by existing residents, whether in-person or through vast social media networks, can have a strong impact on your community’s reputation, occupancy and revenue. Finally, we know that the leasing of a unit begins at first contact on the phone or via a timely and compelling internet response, and culminates with a powerful on-site close. Taking advantage of every situation is what can make a huge difference in maximizing sales performance and therefore maximizing revenue. Shoppers’ Critique International has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools,.

Mystery Shopping Options

Our mystery shopping services are available in either on-site or through the internet or phone. In either case, our shoppers utilize your services under an anonymous and un-biased approach. Throughout the process, they gather data that you deemed important beforehand, and then compile it all together onto our ShopMAX system. You can then view what their findings were, and determine what it is that you’re lacking on, and what areas that you can improve in.

In addition to our shopping services, there are online surveys and customer intercepts that we can use to garner more immediate reactions from more customers. While a shopper is a good indicator of how your business runs, and how the customer service experience is, sometimes a larger sample size is needed.

This gathering of customer intelligence is what makes us unique. Shoppers’ Critique International is proud to say that our proprietary system of data collection and presentation is capable of turning your business around in the way that you need it to. These methods are especially helpful when you have clear goals in mind at the time of consultation. Our aim is to improve your business where you believe it to be deficient. However, we also are capable of revealing to you areas that you may not be aware of. So it’s in your best interest to benefit from our 40+ years of experience dealing with the apartment and multi-family home housing industry.