Shoppers’ Critique International LLC has a heritage that spans decades and includes long-term relationships with client-partners across a number of industries. Our dedication to delivering quality results on a timely basis while remaining responsive to their many changing needs has permitted us to serve them well. It is in responding to these needs that many of our tools and services have been born.

Our Mission

Shoppers’ Critique is dedicated to delivering excellence at every level through our partnership with clients, employees, and shoppers built on a foundation of respect, integrity and communication.

Our Vision

We measure the customer experience and provide the highest quality, most credible information in a timely manner, that becomes uniquely actionable and far more effective thanks to our exclusive ShopMAX process, providing clients with an unparalleled return on investment.

Our Quality Guarantee

“Our quality approach to mystery shopping is built on a strong foundation and long

tradition of delivering excellence at every level. In fact, we guarantee it.”

– William N.M. Green, CEO